SlideRocket – visual and graphic design Challenge II

Project: Create a PowerPoint presentation by using SlideRocket software


There is no limit or requirement on length and no required slide order, all we ask is that you use the most creative and effective methods to convey the information listed. Please add content as you see fit, but note that you will not be judged on actual copy or legitimacy of content as much as the design and visual appeal of the presentation. We will be looking for a designer who thinks outside the box, uses the SlideRocket tools in creative ways, and makes a visually engaging presentation that the audience (of potential blood donors) won’t be snoring through J Have fun!

Topics to cover in presentation (feel free to expand on listed topics or add to list):

– Who is the Red Cross?

– Why blood?

– The lifecycle of blood that is donated

– What would happen if no one donated blood?

– The risks of donating blood

– The benefits of donating blood

– Who can donate blood

– Other volunteer opportunities for the Red Cross

<Red Cross presentation>

Red Cross presentation


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